Assessments, Mooresville, NC

Assessments, Mooresville, NC

Periodic fitness and nutrition assessments can help you reach your health goals in Mooresville.

Assessments in Mooresville, North Carolina

When you are working toward your fitness and health goals, we believe it is helpful to track your progress along the way. At In Motion Fitness, we offer assessments throughout your health journey to help you see your progress in more ways than just on the scale.

We offer assessments for fitness and nutrition. Our fitness assessments include a Functional Movement Screening, which assesses your movement patterns and can help you see the improvement in your range of motion and flexibility. While you may not think flexibility is an important skill, your range of motion definitely is. Everyday movements like looking over your shoulder to check your blind spot while driving and reaching up to grab something from a high shelf are all affected by your range of motion, and training can help you see improvements.

Our fitness assessments also test for body composition, which can be an encouraging result for many who are working on weight loss. When we measure your body composition, we are checking for body fat percentage and muscle mass. Sometimes we see our clients discouraged that they aren’t losing weight as quickly as they would like to, but when we measure their body composition, it shows incredible results. While their weight may not be significantly lower, we often see big improvements in reduced body fat and an increase in muscle mass, which is healthier and makes you look leaner even if the number on the scale isn’t dropping as fast as you would like.

Our continued assessments during your strength training will track your improvement in the number of sets you will be able to complete and the amount of weight you will be able to lift. These changes not only help you look leaner and more muscular, but also offer lifetime benefits of strengthening your bones and decreasing your chances of suffering from diseases like osteoporosis.

We also do periodic assessments of your diet. Diet is just as important as exercise when it comes to reaching fitness goals, so reviewing your diet with our nutritionist will help you see more success.

We believe in you and your goals, and we are here to help you every step of the way. We are committed to helping the residents of Mooresville, North Carolina reach their fitness goals. Come visit us today!


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